Curricular Pathways at CenterStat

Use CenterStat Curricular Pathways to Guide your Knowledge and Skills Development

CenterStat offers workshops on a variety of topics that can be taken in any order. For those seeking to develop broad expertise within one or more key areas of research methods and statistics, these classes can also be combined into four curricular pathways:

Links to upcoming livestream versions of the classes within each pathway are provided below; however, self-paced versions of many of these same classes are also available for immediate access.


Foundations Pathway

Broaden your knowledge with these foundational classes:


Measurement / Latent Variable Modeling Pathway

Improve your ability to conceptualize and measure latent constructs with these classes:


Longitudinal Data Analysis Pathway

Grow your expertise in longitudinal data analysis with these classes:

Data Science Pathway

Learn how to visualize and mine data with these classes: