CenterStat Unscripted: A Quant Methods Livestream

CenterStat Unscripted is a YouTube livestream brought to you by the admittedly dubious minds behind the Center for Statistical Training (CenterStat), Dan Bauer and Patrick Curran, who also happen to be faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We explore the "what is" and "how do you" questions in statistics and data analysis, conversation topics that normally leave us isolated at social events but might possibly find an appreciative (if very small) online community. Unscripted is meant to be exactly that: improvised, organic, possibly informative, and (if we're lucky) mildly entertaining. Watching us live is a bit like watching cars driving too fast on an icy road: you simply don't know what might happen. Recordings of live episodes will also be posted for later viewing. We see no reason why the recordings would be any more entertaining than the livestream, but at least you can watch them at double-speed. Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas for future episodes.

Next Season?

CenterStat Unscripted is on hiatus and will resume whenever Patrick and Dan once again need a distraction from their day jobs.

Previous Episodes

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