This Week on CenterStat Unscripted: Exploratory & Confirmatory Factor Analysis

This Thursday at noon (3/2, 12:00 pm ET), Dan and Patrick introduce the basics of factor analysis, both exploratory and confirmatory, and describe potential advantages and disadvantages to each. They begin by discussing traditional factor analytic methods and then explore more recent developments in measurement and scoring. The conclude with how these methods might be best used in practice and make recommendations for further training. Patrick might or might not take the opportunity to lob more non-dairy creamer containers at Dan.

Please join in on the fun at, or by following the link on the Unscripted webpage at

For those who can’t catch the live broadcasts, a recording of each episode is posted to the CenterStat YouTube Channel. We can’t promise the recordings will be any more entertaining, but at least you can watch them at double-speed.

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