This Week on CenterStat Unscripted: An Introduction to the Latent Curve Model

This Thursday at noon (2/23, 12:00 pm ET), Dan and Patrick will bicker their way through an introduction to the latent curve model (LCM), a type of structural equation model commonly used to analyze change over time. They begin by discussing two time-point longitudinal models, and then extend this to three or more time points. They describe the theoretical concept of an individual growth trajectory and explore how latent factors can be defined to estimate growth trajectories using repeated measures data. They then discuss incorporating time-invariant and time-varying predictors and conclude with a brief survey of more advanced models and applications.

Please join in on the fun at, or by following the link on the Unscripted webpage at

For those who can’t catch the live broadcasts, a recording of each episode is posted to the CenterStat YouTube Channel. We can’t promise the recordings will be any more entertaining, but at least you can watch them at double-speed.

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