A New Podcast on All Things Quantitative: Quantitude

Our very own Patrick Curran has teamed up with Greg Hancock (Professor, College of Education, University of Maryland) to launch a new podcast called Quantitude. It is dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Picture a cross between the Car Talk guys, the two old men from the Muppets, and a graduate statistics course.

Quantitude explores serious issues but in a sometimes grousing and irreverent way. Episodes address current topics in quantitative methodology, data analysis, and research methods; interviews with professionals in the field; responses to listener questions; quantitative puzzlers; and much more. Episodes are posted every-other week, notably on “Quanti-Tudesday”.

So if you’re interested, please check Quantitude out. The podcast can be found at https://www.buzzsprout.com/639103 (or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts), and the Quantitude home page is http://quantitudethepodcast.org/. Finally, Quantitude is on Twitter at @quantitudepod

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