Introduction to Quantitative Meta-Analysis


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June 15-18, 2021
Instructor: Tasha Beretvas

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Introduction to Quantitative Meta-Analysis is a four-day workshop focused on the statistical techniques used to conduct quantitative meta-analyses. Quantitative meta-analysis allows synthesis of results from primary studies investigating relations among common variables. The procedure entails first capturing effect sizes that numerically describe the relationship among relevant variables in each primary study. Primary study characteristics can then be investigated as sources of variability in effect size estimates through the use of meta-analytic moderator analyses.

In this workshop, we will learn how to calculate the most common types of effect sizes (the standardized mean difference, correlation coefficient and log-odds ratio) given the different kinds of descriptive and inferential statistics that are reported. We will also learn how to average the effect size estimates across primary studies and how to conduct moderator analyses. Meta-analytic data are complicated and we will cover how best to handle some of the methodological complexities that are encountered. We will also learn how to assess and correct for potential publication bias.