Latent Class/Cluster Analysis and Mixture Modeling

May 23-27, 2022
Replay Access: 1 year from end of workshop
Instructors: Dan Bauer & Doug Steinley

Student: $795
Professional: $995

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Latent Class/Cluster Analysis and Mixture Modeling is a five-day workshop focused on the application and interpretation of statistical techniques designed to identify subgroups within a heterogeneous population. Broadly, these techniques can be divided into: (a) cluster analysis procedures that group participants via algorithms or decision rules, and (b) latent class analysis, latent profile analysis, and other finite mixture models that discern latent subgroups of individuals using a formal statistical model. In practice, these methods are often implemented with the goal of identifying theoretically distinct subgroups (e.g., people with a liability for schizophrenia versus those without). Alternatively, they can be used as a data reduction device, to summarize prototypical patterns when working with complex multivariate data (e.g., market segmentation in consumer research). In recent years, an increasing focus has been on multivariate and longitudinal applications (e.g., growth mixture modeling). In this workshop we provide a comprehensive exploration of the foundations and uses of cluster analysis, latent class/profile analysis and finite mixture models, with topics ranging from introductory to advanced, and applications to both single-time point and longitudinal data, as detailed below.


Daniel J. Bauer, Ph.D.

Dan Bauer is a Professor and the Director of the L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina. He teaches primarily graduate-level courses in statistical methods, for which he has won teaching awards. Read More

Doug Steinley, Ph.D.

Doug Steinley is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri. His research and teaching focus on multivariate statistical methodology, with a primary interest in cluster analysis (both traditional procedures and more modern mixture modeling techniques) and social network analysis. Read More

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In an effort to continually improve our instruction we obtain student evaluations with each course offering. Here is a sample of reviews from our prior Latent Class/Cluster Analysis and Mixture Modeling workshops:

Dan and Doug are obviously experts, but their delivery and ability to communicate and answer questions was incredible (something that is not common among experts). The climate was relaxed and conducive to learning.

I would highly recommend it! I really appreciated the balance between theory and application and that syntax files were provided so that we have them to build off of for our own analyses.

Good experience and very clear — very responsive to questions and mindful of a range of statistical expertise.

Doug and Dan are good presenters and clearly keep up with the latest developments. As a developmental psychologist, I appreciated all the examples presented in class.

Great instructors who really know their stuff, offer a great survey of material, and are really ready to help!

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