Announcing CenterStat Unscripted: A New Weekly YouTube Livestream on Quantitative Methods

In large part because Dan and Patrick have jobs from which they can’t be fired, they keep coming up with random activities with which to entertain themselves (and possibly others). CenterStat is thus excited to announce their latest boondoggle: CenterStat Unscripted, a weekly YouTube Live broadcast in which Dan and Patrick ad lib their way through a different topic in quantitative methods each week using nothing but a whiteboard and their own questionable expertise.

Why live? It’s a bit like playing with a rusty knife: you just can’t help yourself and you know it will probably end disastrously, but that’s part of the fun. Plus, being live also means Dan and Patrick can interact in real-time with viewers through live chat. This allows anyone to make fun of them from anywhere in the world for all to see. How can you possibly miss out on that?

Each episode will be broadcast Thursdays at noon (U.S. Eastern time zone) starting on February 9th. For those who can’t catch the live broadcasts, a recording of each episode will be posted to the CenterStat YouTube Channel. They can’t promise the recordings will be any more entertaining, but at least you can watch them at double-speed.

Topics will vary from introductory to advanced, and Patrick and Dan welcome any and all suggestions. The inaugural episode (on February 9th) will explore the advantages of moving from multiple regression to structural equation modeling, and the second (on February 16th) will similarly explore the advantages of moving from multiple regression to the multilevel model. Then who the heck knows where they will go after that.

Please join in on the fun at, or you can direct from the Unscripted webpage at

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