Applied Research Design Using Mixed Methods

Livestream: December 6-7, 2021
Replay Access: 6 months from end of workshop
Instructor: Greg Guest

Student: $315
Professional: $395

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Applied Research Design Using Mixed Methods is a two-day course focused on the practical aspects of research design in the context of mixed methods. The course covers the essential principles behind designing fundable research, including: crafting engaging research questions, choosing appropriate sampling strategies, and selecting effective data collection methods (qualitative and quantitative). A significant amount of time is spent on integrating qualitative and quantitative datasets in the context of mixed methods designs.

The course covers qualitative and quantitative techniques commonly used in the social/behavioral and health sciences – in-depth interviews, focus groups, participant-observation, and surveys.  Less common, but highly effective, methods are additionally described and include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), document analysis, network analysis, free-listing, vignettes/factorial surveys, direct observation, and projective techniques.

Real-world examples are used to illustrate concepts/methods and highlight common challenges associated with designing and implementing mixed methods research. Although this course is pragmatic in nature, some time is devoted to the history of, and theory behind, the field of Mixed Methods.


Greg Guest, Ph.D.

Greg Guest is a Senior Research Scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation, and methodological consultant for numerous domestic and international research organizations. Greg has devoted much of his career to teaching, and building institutional capacity in, research methodology. Read More

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In an effort to continually improve our instruction we obtain student evaluations with each course offering. Here is a sample of reviews from our prior 2020 online offering of Applied Research Design using Mixed Methods:

Greg was knowledgeable and engaging. You can tell he is passionate about this sort of work. It was well organized and Greg was very prepared for teaching the material.

The Professor was the strength. Very clear and organized.

Content was taught in a really approachable way; the size was small enough to allow productive Q&A sessions

Information was clear and comprehensive.

He clearly knew his subject but more effectively he was able to communicate the material in an organized and understandable manner.

Greg's comprehensive knowledge was impressive.

The opportunities to hone my own research idea and brainstorm the application of new methods, particularly qualitative ones, to address my research questions. I also really enjoyed the range and dare I say eccentricity of Greg's example studies.

Greg is great -- he incorporates lots of fun, interactive components and explains thing in a thorough way.

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